Create your own tickets

Get personalized tickets at HousieSkill by clicking on “create ticket”. Simple, fast and satisfactory option, liked by all Housie players.

Select 15 numbers randomly from the “Pick Numbers” set and make a personalized housie ticket for your next big game! Unique number combinations that you make here will definitely make you a winner among the rest.

Create your tickets and enjoy an electrifying gaming experience only @HousieSkill.

How to Play

Easy and fast playing options – Follow the steps and start playing Housie with your loved ones!

Private Contest

At HousieSkill you get the marvelous option of playing housie at “Private Contest”. Include your family members and close buddies in your Private contest and have unlimited fun!

Simple, cohesive and guaranteed family entertainment assured at our Private leagues. Follow these simple steps and create your own “Private contest”.

  1. Click on the “Private contest” option and enter into the private game arena.
  2. Choose the players that you want to add in your private game
  3. Send invites to the chosen players
  4. Schedule the Housie game and send links to group members.
  5. Create tickets
  6. Start playing the game with your personal group.

(Note: Please include the minimum number of players to start the game)

Hurry! Create your private contest and create a virtual gaming group with your buddies!

Want to play HousieSkill now? Available simply over all platforms – website, android and iOS. Follow these simple steps to download the app and get going with the enthralling game.

  • - Download free version of the HousieSkill app to your Android or iOS phones either from Google Play Store or Apple app store.
  • - Check the suitability of the app with respect to the browser version that you are using.

Important: Kindly avoid downloading potentially harmful apps.

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What our Player Says

I just started using Housieskill and got amazed. The app is very easy to use, and is user friendly as well. It’s the best app to kill my boredom during this pandemic. Also helps me to earn some money.

Sayantan maity

Housieskill is a user-friendly app. The best part is that I can earn unlimited money with luck and a little brain. I would definitely recommend this app.

Nirmalya Bose

It is definitely an amazing App and is pretty cool to play. By just giving answers of simple quiz, I won real cash. It’s a fun and playful app to play with your family and friends. Highly recommend!

Anurupa Biswas